It Is Time For VMworld 2014 Already?!?

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I have recently returned from a family vacation to Disney World. While my children had a great time visiting the magic kingdom, my wife and I were exhausted by the trip! The difference between hell and Disney World during the summer season is that hell is slightly cooler and less crowded.

 Mickey_Mouse[1] muscle-chest-devil-costume[1]

Note the eerie resemblance. Coincidence? I think not!

I am joking, of course, because we all had a great time. Yet I have fallen far behind with my normal blogging routine between having to adjust to my new role at Coho Data and the extended lack of quality Internet access while on vacation. You would think that the last thing I would want to do is take another extended trip, but I am actually really excited to be getting on a plane and heading out to San Francisco this Saturday because VMworld 2014 is starting Sunday!

This VMworld will be different for me though, because it is the first time that I am going as a partner and not as an attendee. I will be located at the Coho Data booth (835), and there will be a lot going on there. Here is what Coho Data is bringing to VMworld this year:

  • Theater sessions with real-world customers and our CTO & CS Professor, Andrew Warfield
  • Interactive live demos of our fast, easy and flexible scale-out storage architecture
  • Winning prizes in our “Think You Can Scale” challenge

So if you are a fan of the blog, or just want to learn more about the next revolution in IT storage solutions, please come visit me at the Coho Data booth at VMworld 2014! I always enjoy meeting and chatting with fellow IT professionals, and VMworld is certainly the right event for doing just that.

See you all at VMworld 2014!

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