Start With Baby Steps

It is tempting in sales to think that we can come in and immediately sell a completely new infrastructure all at once to our customer that will instantly improve their lives and business. The problem with this thinking is that it treats the customer’s IT infrastructure like an asset that can simply be dumped and replaced with a more lucrative offering. Some customers also believe in this myth of “If I just had

Visible Work = Tip of the Iceberg

Users and customers that are not familiar with IT practices might mistake the speed with which an IT professional completes a task as evidence for the task being easy and simple. This is similar to the tips of icebergs in that the visible IT work is merely a small part of the project. Just as you do not see the massive bulk of an iceberg beneath the water’s surface users and customers do not see the planning, pre

Be Batman Not Superman

This will probably be as much of a shock to you as it would be to learn that water is wet, but I am a bit of a comic book geek. One of the age old debates in comic books is who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman? Superman has all sorts of powers. He is practically invulnerable, strong enough to lift a skyscraper, can fly faster than supersonic jets, and can even shoot beams of heat from his eyes. That is not

Notes ≠ Knowledge

During my brief time so far as a consultant and pre-sales solution architect I have met several clients who will ask me very specific questions regarding how to configure a device. When I know the command I will share that information with the client. The client will then write down what I said verbatim in their notes. The client then mentions how they will use that information later in their production environment

Nothing is Perfect

I have seen the following scenario far too many times in the world of IT: Technology A is purchased and deployed, and it does about 90% of what the business needs. Getting the remaining 10% of the business’ needs met will require training, planning, and effort. The person who bought technology A complains about how it does not work. Same person starts preparing to buy technology B. Technology B is purchased beca

ASAP Is Not A Deadline, ASAP Is An Excuse

Fair warning. This one is a rant. “This needs to be done ASAP!” Have you ever heard that line? It seems to be all too common a phrase in IT and business in general nowadays. Far too often I have someone tell me how they need some item “As soon as possible.” Of course, they need it so quickly they cannot even say the full phrase. They need it “ASAP!” ASAP is a stupid and pathetic phrase that people use t