Know The Limits Before You Hit Them

Imagine that you are hired to inspect, categorize, and stack inventory. You are trained, then tested, and you are capable of processing up to eight items per hour under ideal conditions. You are expected to work eight hours a day, and at the end of each day you are to have processed 48 items. With the goal of processing six items per hour you begin your new occupation. You do your job day after day and the organiza

Being Prepared For The Unpredictable

Thursday I missed my deadline. I hate missing a deadline, but I missed this week’s deadline all the same. There are no excuses for missing a deadline. When you miss a deadline it is all on you. My apologies if you were looking forward to an article from me on Thursday. I’ll do better in the future. So what happened Thursday and how does it relate to IT? First I will explain the situation, and then I will transl