User Groups Are Incredibly Useful!

Just a short post today about how important it is to attend various user group events. Yesterday I was at the Wisconsin VMware User Group (VMUG for short) meeting as an attendee. It was a great event that covered a lot of information on the upcoming vSphere version 6.0 release, various sponsors spoke about their products, and at the end of the event users were invited to request help from other users. I learned abo

My Top 3 Mistakes As An IT Professional

We all make mistakes, and I have certainly contributed more than my fair share to the collective whole. Mistakes are how we learn best though, and we should embrace them. Sometimes we learn through the mistakes of others. Most of the time we learn from the mistakes that we have made ourselves. With this article I hope to help less experienced IT professionals learn from some of what I consider to be my biggest mist

Keep Your Keyboard Nearby

The hardest part of my job has nothing to do with my responsibilities to my employer or my clients. The hardest part of my job is fulfilling my responsibility to myself. The hardest part of my job is finding the time outside of my job to keep my hands-on skills sharp. This is why I have a home lab environment. I have been spending all of my free time lately building new servers to create a Windows Server 2012 envir