My Top 3 Mistakes As An IT Professional

We all make mistakes, and I have certainly contributed more than my fair share to the collective whole. Mistakes are how we learn best though, and we should embrace them. Sometimes we learn through the mistakes of others. Most of the time we learn from the mistakes that we have made ourselves. With this article I hope to help less experienced IT professionals learn from some of what I consider to be my biggest mist

Vision Without Momentum Is Just A Scenic View

A ship at sea has a starving crew. From the crow’s nest the lookout cries “Land, ho!” and points to the horizon where there is an island saturated with lush greens and coconut laden palm trees. The captain orders that the ship turnabout, and as soon as the bow is oriented with the island straight ahead of it the captain barks: “Full stop! Drop anchor!” From that point on the ship never moves and the crew