My Top 3 Mistakes As An IT Professional

We all make mistakes, and I have certainly contributed more than my fair share to the collective whole. Mistakes are how we learn best though, and we should embrace them. Sometimes we learn through the mistakes of others. Most of the time we learn from the mistakes that we have made ourselves. With this article I hope to help less experienced IT professionals learn from some of what I consider to be my biggest mist

Learn How to Hold a Hammer

I was one of those kids who drove my family nuts building various devices and contraptions at my father’s workbench. At best these devices did not work, and at worst these “experiments” worked exactly as I had intended. My father as a precaution put a lock on his workroom door, but when I realized that if you simply removed the pins from the door’s hinges that… Sorry Dad. If it makes you feel any better I

The Myth Of The Absolute Expert

This article is for non-IT people. Every organization’s IT shop seems to have that one person whom everyone within the company says knows everything. This person is the “absolute expert” that can answer any question about any technology and solve any problem. When it comes time to expand the IT staff and hire a new person the idea is that the organization will just hire another absolute expert like the one th

Not Knowing Is Not So Bad

Today a Vice President of my company asked me how to remove an incompatible VIB from an ESXi server because it was preventing an upgrade from launching. My answer was “I do not know.” Some people might be tempted to try and bluff their way through the situation. After all, no one wants an officer of the company to think that he or she may be incompetent. This is the kind of pathetic “ego protectio