Good Technology Is One Thing, Adopted Technology Is Another Thing Altogether

This Christmas my wife gave me a gift that was surprising: a BlackBerry Playbook. I was caught off-guard by this, because my wife does not follow technology at all. The Playbook was a risky gift for her to get me. She is completely out of her element with technology while I thrive in that particular space. I probably would never have bought myself a Blackberry Playbook. RIM is a company that several analysts and te

The Stagnant Calm Before the Storm of Invention

There are two areas of storage that I believe are stagnant: Backups Performance Now I am sure that there are many people who would argue that neither of these areas are stagnant. There are many different backup solutions available right now, and more and more products are emerging on the scene to provide ever increasing IOPs to ensure better and faster storage performance. I cannot deny either of these truths. In