Do Not Hide Behind “Rules”

“We know that this solution is what we need, but we will not acquire it because of our procurement rules.” Ridiculous, right? But far too often that comment or one similar to it is made when you are in the business of acquiring or selling technology. The example above is written from the point of view of a customer, but the same thing happens on the sales side as well: “We want to sell you our solution, but w

Change What Works

“We have always done it this way. Why change what works?” I hear this statement and cringe. It breaks down as follows: “We have always done it this way.” – Then you are not taking advantage of your opportunity to innovate. Everything can be improved upon. “Why change what works?” – Because what works now was probably an alteration upon a previous solution that used to work too (although not nearly

(Not So) Interesting Times

Today’s article is just a quick observation about the consumer market for IT products and personal computing devices. Windows 8 sales are flat, given how MetroUI is a pathetic GUI for a desktop (and just so-so for a tablet). Speaking of Microsoft and tablets, the Surface is a day late and a dollar short. Apple’s products are not too exciting this year either. A smaller tablet? Um, that does not scream “innova

The Siren Call of Innovation

Like mermaids luring sailors to their doom with their hypnotic melodies, the promise of innovation has caused many an IT professional to crash upon the rocks of a failed project. "But IT is supposed to be innovative!" is what some of you are saying. Wrong. Dead wrong. Entrepreneurs should be innovative. Research and development teams should be innovative. Artists should be innovative. IT is supposed to em