Want To Learn Linux? Check Out These Resources!

I am a busy person. I work for a startup in the storage industry as a pre-sales engineer, and while Coho Data is an amazing and fun company to work for they do not have a solution for there only being 24 hours in a single day! I am requesting manipulation of the space time continuum as a new feature though. I am sure that the product managers will get right on that for me! I am also working on my M.S. in Communicat

Time to Rebuild the Home Lab!

I have been awful with blog updates lately. The irony is that I started falling behind once my classes for the M.S. in Communication that I am pursuing started. I am enjoying my return to school, but I did underestimate how much time I have to pursue two blogs, work, family, and my education! Which leads me to today’s topic of choice: Rebuilding the home lab! Yes, because I am a glutton for self-inflicted pun

TechNet Software Subscriptions No More!

By now the announcement by Microsoft that the TechNet software subscription service is being retired is hardly news. Supposedly Microsoft is doing this because IT professionals would rather use limited 90 day trial versions of software and operating systems, or that IT professionals will benefit more from online training. Microsoft has a lot of resources with which to conduct the polling and surveying of customers,

Keep Your Keyboard Nearby

The hardest part of my job has nothing to do with my responsibilities to my employer or my clients. The hardest part of my job is fulfilling my responsibility to myself. The hardest part of my job is finding the time outside of my job to keep my hands-on skills sharp. This is why I have a home lab environment. I have been spending all of my free time lately building new servers to create a Windows Server 2012 envir