What To Do Before You Get a Job In IT

Occasionally I am asked by someone what should they, or possibly their child, do to get a job in the IT industry. The question is often asked with the hope that I will suggest a course, book, certificate, or some other finite “do-this-and-get-that” task that upon completion will qualify that person to do IT work. There are many great courses, books, certificates, and other such things that will help a person st

You Can Either Take a Deep Dive, or Skim a Large Surface, But Tread Water and You Will Drown

In today’s IT world you have to choose: Either you are going to specialize in one area of IT and be on a constant hunt for mastery of that technology, or you remain an active IT generalist constantly learning the basics of many new technologies. You cannot be someone who learns only a handful of technologies and then expect to have a career in IT. Even if your organization is not requiring that you learn new skil