Problems Are Never Removed, They Are Just Delayed

Today I was reading up on various technologies that allow a server attached to shared storage to handle high amounts of I/O locally. These technologies will “eliminate” the performance bottlenecks that systems encounter when shared resources are overwhelmed by today’s modern computing solutions. About 6 years ago I remember reading how centralized storage solutions allowed a server to handle higher amounts of

Making & Missing Deadlines

This week I missed my self-imposed deadline for this blog’s posting schedule. An article is supposed to be posted to this blog by Thursday of every week. I have no other commitments with this blog other than the “once a week post by Thursday” rule. This week I missed my deadline. I failed to post by Thursday. That is not okay. You can never justify missing a deadline, especially in the world of IT where busin

You Can Either Take a Deep Dive, or Skim a Large Surface, But Tread Water and You Will Drown

In today’s IT world you have to choose: Either you are going to specialize in one area of IT and be on a constant hunt for mastery of that technology, or you remain an active IT generalist constantly learning the basics of many new technologies. You cannot be someone who learns only a handful of technologies and then expect to have a career in IT. Even if your organization is not requiring that you learn new skil

Why No Technical Articles?

A friend asked why my articles have been focused on my philosophy of how to approach the IT profession instead of being focused on the technology that we implement as IT professionals. My answer is simply that there is too much information about the technology, but not nearly enough information on how to practice the profession itself. I would rather fill in the gaps than to contribute to the surplus. I have been v

Technical Books Are Not Enough

Any good IT professional probably has a bookshelf/e-reader full of technical books. O’Reilly books on everything from DNS, TCP/IP, Windows, UNIX, Linux, NAS, SAN, and whatever else you can think of are certainly a big part of my personal library. A well written technical book is great! Reading only well written technical books is not so great though. Technology books only cover one half of IT; Technology books ne

Best Practices–References, Not Absolutes

“What is the best practice?” You will hear this phrase often in the world of IT. Architects, engineers, and management all want to make sure that their projects are being implemented using proven techniques and technologies. Best practices are in theory validated by manufacturers and various professional organizations. Furthermore, best practices are usually based upon what has worked in the field for a large s

Sometimes Free is Expensive

A friend asked me what I thought of the Xen hypervisor this week, and I gave him my opinion of it. Now I will not get into my friend’s business or my opinion of Xen here. One is another person’s private business that he allowed me to be privy to, and the other is a matter of my personal taste influenced by my experiences. What I will share with you today is that one of the reasons that Xen was being con

Old Technology Is Not Bad Technology

Following my last article on how innovation should not be the goal of a good IT shop but rather a consequence of pursuing excellent service I wanted to address another misconception regarding technology: That somehow a technology’s age determines its usefulness. This is a ridiculous misconception. A technology’s usefulness is determined solely by how well it solves a problem. For example, recently I wro

The Siren Call of Innovation

Like mermaids luring sailors to their doom with their hypnotic melodies, the promise of innovation has caused many an IT professional to crash upon the rocks of a failed project. "But IT is supposed to be innovative!" is what some of you are saying. Wrong. Dead wrong. Entrepreneurs should be innovative. Research and development teams should be innovative. Artists should be innovative. IT is supposed to em

New Posting Schedule–Weekly Articles Every Thursday

I have been extremely busy with my new job in a very good way. I have been training to earn various certifications and accreditations. I have also been meeting with clients face-to-face accompanying other Solutions Architects on their calls. Plus I am learning the ins and outs of Sentinel Technologies, Inc.’s processes. I am now a NetApp Accredited Sales Associate (NASA – I love that acronym!) and a NetApp Accr