Happy Holidays!

Today’s article is just a simple holiday greeting to all of you who have followed me on this blog for the last seven months. I hope that all of you enjoy this festive time of the year, and that you will find yourself moving ever forward towards bigger and better projects! This year I was laid off from my job of thirteen years. That was a major let down for me. I was not worried about finding another job, because

What I Am Thankful For This Year

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating the holiday today! This article will be short and to the point, as I just want to share with everyone what I am thankful for in regards to my career as an IT professional this year. What I am most thankful for is that I am now part of an organization where I am challenged and at the same time encouraged. I have projects that require me to stretch myself outside of my comfo

NetApp Insight Was Great

I do not have time to do a long post today as I have to get on a plane soon that will be landing after midnight. Instead I list want to share a quick note with everyone regarding NetApp Insight in Las Vegas. This was a highly technical event for NetApp employees and payments only, and I learned a great deal about new technologies and techniques from NetApp and their sponsors. I focused on tools for sizing and analy

Exam Results? I Passed!

Just a follow-up to this last article that I posted. I am now a NetApp Certified Data Management Administrator (NCDA) after passing the exam for the Cluster-Mode version of the product. The exam was a good one in that it tested a broad spectrum of knowledge for the product.  What I liked the best about the exam though is that it did present an analysis of the areas where I was strong in my knowledge and where I co

I’ll Be Speaking at a TechTarget Event in Chicago on October 18th!

Just a quick announcement for today’s blog article. I will be speaking at a TechTarget event sponsored by NetApp on October 18th in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency. My presentation is titled “FlexPod – A Foundation for the Cloud” and will focus on how using a reference architecture like NetApp’s and Cisco’s FlexPod enables IT to build cloud infrastructures for their organizations. Click here for more detai

ASAP Is Not A Deadline, ASAP Is An Excuse

Fair warning. This one is a rant. “This needs to be done ASAP!” Have you ever heard that line? It seems to be all too common a phrase in IT and business in general nowadays. Far too often I have someone tell me how they need some item “As soon as possible.” Of course, they need it so quickly they cannot even say the full phrase. They need it “ASAP!” ASAP is a stupid and pathetic phrase that people use t

Making & Missing Deadlines

This week I missed my self-imposed deadline for this blog’s posting schedule. An article is supposed to be posted to this blog by Thursday of every week. I have no other commitments with this blog other than the “once a week post by Thursday” rule. This week I missed my deadline. I failed to post by Thursday. That is not okay. You can never justify missing a deadline, especially in the world of IT where busin

Why No Technical Articles?

A friend asked why my articles have been focused on my philosophy of how to approach the IT profession instead of being focused on the technology that we implement as IT professionals. My answer is simply that there is too much information about the technology, but not nearly enough information on how to practice the profession itself. I would rather fill in the gaps than to contribute to the surplus. I have been v

New Posting Schedule–Weekly Articles Every Thursday

I have been extremely busy with my new job in a very good way. I have been training to earn various certifications and accreditations. I have also been meeting with clients face-to-face accompanying other Solutions Architects on their calls. Plus I am learning the ins and outs of Sentinel Technologies, Inc.’s processes. I am now a NetApp Accredited Sales Associate (NASA – I love that acronym!) and a NetApp Accr

My Job Hunt Is Officially Over!

Today I received several offers. After nearly two months of looking for a new role the offers all seemed to come at the same time. I made my choice though, and I am proud to say that I will begin working at my new job on June, 29th! The details are that I accepted an offer from Sentinel Technologies to become their new Solutions Architect for NetApp products. My focus will be on designing enterprise storage solutio