Vision Without Momentum Is Just A Scenic View

A ship at sea has a starving crew. From the crow’s nest the lookout cries “Land, ho!” and points to the horizon where there is an island saturated with lush greens and coconut laden palm trees. The captain orders that the ship turnabout, and as soon as the bow is oriented with the island straight ahead of it the captain barks: “Full stop! Drop anchor!” From that point on the ship never moves and the crew

A Needed Change Is Rarely Painless

The older I get the more that I want to improve myself. Right now I am in the process of training for my first 5K run as I want to lose a few pounds. I am not a strong runner, so my training results in various aches and pains despite following a workout plan designed to keep me from overworking my muscles. This does not mean that my training program is a bad one, or that I cannot accomplish my goal of running the r

Visible Work = Tip of the Iceberg

Users and customers that are not familiar with IT practices might mistake the speed with which an IT professional completes a task as evidence for the task being easy and simple. This is similar to the tips of icebergs in that the visible IT work is merely a small part of the project. Just as you do not see the massive bulk of an iceberg beneath the water’s surface users and customers do not see the planning, pre

The End (of Support) is (Always) Near!

I recently had a great meeting with a client to discuss their potential upgrade paths to migrate from their current solution to the next generation of a product. The client planned to then deploy the old solution into their disaster recovery site. While discussing the benefits of upgrading the solution I explained to the customer that one of the primary benefits would be a fresh start on the support lifecycle. The

Your Preferences May Be Your Limitations

Warning: Today’s article lives mainly in the realm of the hypothetical, and is based upon my personal observations. Technology changes at such a fast rate that IT professionals often find it difficult to keep their skills up-to-date. When a manufacturer releases a new generation of technology they often try to keep the older methods of interfacing with the previous generation of technology in place. Commands, GUI

Have Your Work Peer Reviewed

There are plenty of design tools available that will ensure  that your configuration of components is possible. Such tools can only ensure that the components will fit together. The tool probably has limited capabilities to ensure that you have all of the components that you need (such as cabling), nor can the tool verify that the configuration that you are putting together is an appropriate design for the pro

Dollars Are Valuable, Time Is Irreplaceable

Today is tax day in the United States, and millions of citizens in this nation are either expecting a return or will be paying their share. Note that I did not say “fair share”, because our tax system is so complicated that probably everyone is getting ripped off in some manner and we still will not have the right amount of funding for the programs that actually benefit us the most. But enough about government

Process Is Profit

If you want to profit as an IT professional you need to have a repeatable process for whatever service or product it is that you provide. You cannot rely on your creativity, talent, or technical knowledge to earn you money. Instead it is your collection of processes that is the cornerstone upon which you build a profitable IT career. Your talent will help you gain technical knowledge. Your technical knowledge will

Be Batman Not Superman

This will probably be as much of a shock to you as it would be to learn that water is wet, but I am a bit of a comic book geek. One of the age old debates in comic books is who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman? Superman has all sorts of powers. He is practically invulnerable, strong enough to lift a skyscraper, can fly faster than supersonic jets, and can even shoot beams of heat from his eyes. That is not

Cheap Heart Surgery

How long could you survive if your heart stopped? A minute? Two minutes? Probably not much longer than seven minutes at the most. Can your business survive a day without your IT infrastructure? Can it survive for a week without email? Can it go for a month without Internet access? Maybe your business can survive for that day, but not if it is a regular occurrence. Perhaps you can go for a week without email, but yo