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I am a busy person. I work for a startup in the storage industry as a pre-sales engineer, and while Coho Data is an amazing and fun company to work for they do not have a solution for there only being 24 hours in a single day! I am requesting manipulation of the space time continuum as a new feature though. I am sure that the product managers will get right on that for me! I am also working on my M.S. in Communicat

Knowing How To Take Action Versus Knowing What Action To Take

I was pulled down a rabbit hole recently in trying to solve a technical issue. I was working in an unfamiliar environment with limited access to the administrators of the environment. I found some misconfigurations on the network that solved some minor issues. I suspected that there were additional networks issues, so I pulled in some more senior and experienced people to assist me with troubleshooting the problem.

Of Bicycles & IT

I used to be an avid cyclist. Thirty, fifty, or one hundred miles in a day were not uncommon distances for me to ride. I never wanted to be fast on my bicycle. I just wanted to ride and relax. I would load up my gear and go off on weekend trips. A few water bottles, a small tent, some cookware, a change of clothes, my portable bike tool kit, and a couple of spare inner tubes was all that I needed to enjoy myself fo

Do Not Hide Behind “Rules”

“We know that this solution is what we need, but we will not acquire it because of our procurement rules.” Ridiculous, right? But far too often that comment or one similar to it is made when you are in the business of acquiring or selling technology. The example above is written from the point of view of a customer, but the same thing happens on the sales side as well: “We want to sell you our solution, but w

Stop Asking “What Will Work?”

IT professionals are charged with solving complex technical problems. For this purpose our organizations send us to training and industry conferences (well, they should send us to training and conferences but not all do), so that we can expand our knowledge and skill sets. After attending these training sessions and conferences we are often deemed “experts” in that particular area of technology, because upon ou

Change What Works

“We have always done it this way. Why change what works?” I hear this statement and cringe. It breaks down as follows: “We have always done it this way.” – Then you are not taking advantage of your opportunity to innovate. Everything can be improved upon. “Why change what works?” – Because what works now was probably an alteration upon a previous solution that used to work too (although not nearly

Your Central Office Is Crumbling Away

Like the forces of erosion that carved the Grand Canyon out of the landscape, the traditional model of a central office is crumbling away. Unlike the Grand Canyon though, this erosion will not take millions of years to see its results. This transformation is taking place right now. The central office is eroding away at such a rate that you can actually see the transformation taking place right before your eyes. Net

The Myth Of The Absolute Expert

This article is for non-IT people. Every organization’s IT shop seems to have that one person whom everyone within the company says knows everything. This person is the “absolute expert” that can answer any question about any technology and solve any problem. When it comes time to expand the IT staff and hire a new person the idea is that the organization will just hire another absolute expert like the one th

Is Your Organization’s End-User Connection Link Up?

Ask any IT professional how they would verify that a network connection is up and active, and it is certain that you will receive an answer almost instantly in response. From manually typing in the command to ping an IP address to receiving an alert from a monitoring system this is a very simple task to accomplish for most IT professionals. It has been drilled into our heads time and time again that the network can

Start With Baby Steps

It is tempting in sales to think that we can come in and immediately sell a completely new infrastructure all at once to our customer that will instantly improve their lives and business. The problem with this thinking is that it treats the customer’s IT infrastructure like an asset that can simply be dumped and replaced with a more lucrative offering. Some customers also believe in this myth of “If I just had