Turning 40, VMUGs, and Dinosaurs!

Today I turn 40! Happy Birthday to me! People younger than me keep asking something along the lines of “Are you freaking out? I mean, now you are 40!”, and people slightly older than me keep saying “It is all down hill now!” Personally I like the reaction of people significantly older than me. Folks who are in their 80s or 90s to be specific. Their consensus seems to be that upon turning 40

Interview with Mark May of VirtualStorageZone

This is a first for my blog as today I share an interview that I did with Mark May of VirtualStorageZone. One of the perks of my job is getting to meet lots of techies and IT pros. I love talking shop with people out in the field who are getting their hands dirty with the latest technologies, and Mark is an IT pro who is helping to change his organization through the intelligent deployment of technology at an enter

User Groups Are Incredibly Useful!

Just a short post today about how important it is to attend various user group events. Yesterday I was at the Wisconsin VMware User Group (VMUG for short) meeting as an attendee. It was a great event that covered a lot of information on the upcoming vSphere version 6.0 release, various sponsors spoke about their products, and at the end of the event users were invited to request help from other users. I learned abo

Linux Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Today is Christmas Eve, and I am anxiously awaiting Christmas Day morning. For on Christmas Day my children will finally be able to open their gifts. Once that is done my wife and I will know peace again as our children will release all of their pent up Christmas energy and stop bouncing around the house like little yuletide lunatics. I just need to keep it together for one more day! I am grateful for my healthy fa

Professionals Do Not Discriminate

I am tired of the headlines that I am seeing lately. Whether it be the ridiculous comments made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (which he did issue an apology for), or the incredibly disturbing tales of GamerGate which is at its core a massive organized instance of “slut-shaming” focused on Zoe Quinn. Before writing this article I read a news story about how Anita Sarkeesian must cancel a speaking engagement aft

Trust Is A Two Way Street

“You sales people will say anything. I’ll believe it when I see it!” I encounter the above statement, or some variant of it, far too often. It typically comes from angry prospective customers who are in trouble and they have read the marketing materials, but they have failed to do adequate research and planning. If you are offended by this article, then you are probably one of these types of customers. Client

Your Technical Expertise Can Wait

I observe this mistake being made by highly intelligent people who are eager to share “the answer” to a technical problem. While a customer, supervisor, or peer is speaking some technical people will interrupt the person speaking. Eagerness to solve an issue can sometimes cause a person to forget their manners, but an IT professional must be ever vigilant against interrupting another person because: It

Good Employees Stay Loyal, Great Talent Follows Challenges

This week’s article is just an observation that I have made over a decade’s time in the IT business. I have had the privilege of working with some highly talented people, and I have had the honor of working with exceptional employees. Very rarely is someone both. The techniques to develop an ideal employee focus on indoctrination. We do not want an employee to question too much of what they are told to do. We a

The Reward of Pure Unsolicited Praise

I recently was introduced to Jeffrey Gitomer’s books, videos, and web site by someone that I interviewed with (and although I did not get the job I now have a new member in my personal network). I purchased Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling in order to learn more about the science of sales and the art of selling, because I have been looking into various sales engineer and other customer facing roles. To be m

The Social Side of IT–Be Nice To The Vendors & Sales People

Today I was flooded with calls and requests to interview with various organizations. It is a great feeling to have many different options being made available to me as I continue my job hunt for the right role. As much as I would love to think that this happening as a result of my resume I would be fooling myself to believe that. You need a good resume in this industry. The way that the job hunt game is played is t