Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI & The New VDI Reality

Designing IT infrastructures built upon virtualization technologies takes up a good amount of my time. It is important that I keep up-to-date on the latest technologies, and when friends both from within my company and outside of it started talking about Atlantis Computing’s product Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI I became curious. VDI solution’s storage needs are tough to size right, because unlike a server envir

TechNet Software Subscriptions No More!

By now the announcement by Microsoft that the TechNet software subscription service is being retired is hardly news. Supposedly Microsoft is doing this because IT professionals would rather use limited 90 day trial versions of software and operating systems, or that IT professionals will benefit more from online training. Microsoft has a lot of resources with which to conduct the polling and surveying of customers,

Join Me For Food, Baseball, & “The Cloud”

Sentinel (the company that I work for) and Cisco are teaming up for a presentation focused on cloud computing, and I will be one of the presenters. The really nice thing about this event is that the presentation will take place in the morning for about an hour, followed by a lunch, and then the rest of the afternoon the attendees will enjoy watching both the Chicago Cubs and the White Sox play in their opening day

Why the HP Layoffs Matter to You

HP announced that 27,000 people will have their positions eliminated as the company restructures to focus on key business areas. That is a reduction of 7.7% based upon the nearly 350,000 employees that HP employs based upon their 2011 financials. You might be wondering why this matters to you as an IT professional who may or may not use HP products, and the reason is not because of the size of the reduction but bec