Not Knowing Is Not So Bad

Today a Vice President of my company asked me how to remove an incompatible VIB from an ESXi server because it was preventing an upgrade from launching. My answer was “I do not know.” Some people might be tempted to try and bluff their way through the situation. After all, no one wants an officer of the company to think that he or she may be incompetent. This is the kind of pathetic “ego protectio

Notes ≠ Knowledge

During my brief time so far as a consultant and pre-sales solution architect I have met several clients who will ask me very specific questions regarding how to configure a device. When I know the command I will share that information with the client. The client will then write down what I said verbatim in their notes. The client then mentions how they will use that information later in their production environment

Keep Your Keyboard Nearby

The hardest part of my job has nothing to do with my responsibilities to my employer or my clients. The hardest part of my job is fulfilling my responsibility to myself. The hardest part of my job is finding the time outside of my job to keep my hands-on skills sharp. This is why I have a home lab environment. I have been spending all of my free time lately building new servers to create a Windows Server 2012 envir

Read the Manual

I am currently studying for a professional certification. It does not matter which one, because what I want to emphasize in this article is that if you want to pass any certification exam the first step of the process is to read the manuals. I have seen folks rely on their skills, classes, and experiences to pass certification exams. Some of them passed those exams, and some of them failed. Yet my personal experien

Best Practices–References, Not Absolutes

“What is the best practice?” You will hear this phrase often in the world of IT. Architects, engineers, and management all want to make sure that their projects are being implemented using proven techniques and technologies. Best practices are in theory validated by manufacturers and various professional organizations. Furthermore, best practices are usually based upon what has worked in the field for a large s

Are You Blogging? If Not, You Are Failing Yourself!

If you have Internet access you can have a blog. If you are an IT professional you better have a blog, because you have no excuse for not having Internet access! Furthermore, if you are not actively participating in helping to increase the amount of useful knowledge available on the Internet you are not an IT professional. You are merely a button pusher. I do not write those words to be cruel. I write them to shed

Learning Enterprise Class Storage Solutions–Where to Begin?

You are a young go-getter who wants to be in the business of IT. Looking at the market you see that enterprise class storage companies are growing both in sales and product offerings, and you decide to pursue storage technologies as your area of expertise. You dedicate yourself to the pursuit of knowledge on all matters of Storage Area Networks (SANs), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and Storage Virtualization. Tha