IT Amateur Or Professional? Depends If You Are Open Or Close Minded…

I attend various IT events both for professional and personal reasons. VMUGs are always fun, and the analyst events can be informative, but the local computer clubs are definitely my favorite events. You get to meet a lot of talented people, and you get to hear a lot of different viewpoints from many levels of IT expertise. Beginners looking to get into the industry, retired CTOs looking to mentor others, and every

Plans For The Blog & The Future

I have been riding a whirlwind of activity lately, and I am putting a lot of behind the scenes work into this blog. In the near future I will have interviews with other IT professionals, how-to videos, and more dynamic content such as materials created using Prezi. You can already see a small change with the removal of the creepy eyes header on the site. Hey, the creepy eyes seemed like a good idea at the time! The

Don’t Go Shopping For More Of The Same

Last week I was working the Coho Data booth at VMworld, and I want to thank everyone who made our first year there a huge success! The booth was extremely busy in a very good way. I never had a chance to attend any of the sessions. That is okay though, because the mission was to get people’s attention and that is what we certainly did. This week I want to address something that I have noticed not only at VMworld,

It Is Time For VMworld 2014 Already?!?

I have recently returned from a family vacation to Disney World. While my children had a great time visiting the magic kingdom, my wife and I were exhausted by the trip! The difference between hell and Disney World during the summer season is that hell is slightly cooler and less crowded.   Note the eerie resemblance. Coincidence? I think not! I am joking, of course, because we all had a great time. Yet I

One Ship Does Not A Fleet Make

Imagine a nation that establishes a colony on the other side of a vast ocean. The nation requires raw materials that the colony has in abundance. Likewise, the colony requires manufactured goods that the nation can produce easily with its factories. A trade route is established with a single ship going back and forth across the ocean. The ship loads its cargo holds with raw materials while docked at the colony’s

Of Fish & Ferraris

  Yes, I’m somehow going to connect the two images above into a tale about enterprise storage solutions. Who said that creative writing course in college would never do me any good? A mentor and good friend of mine Dan Harpold told me about his friend who was the sales person for a Ferrari dealership. His friend explained that there were two types of people who came to Ferrari dealerships: Those who can afford

My New Role With Coho Data!

This Monday I announced that I had joined the team at Coho Data as a Principal Sales Engineer. Many of you congratulated me, and I thank you for your kind sentiments. This is certainly an exciting change for me! I have been asked why I decided to make the change, and I can answer that question with two words: Software Defined Yes, Atlantis Computing has a software defined solution for storage as well. I am grateful

Trust Is A Two Way Street

“You sales people will say anything. I’ll believe it when I see it!” I encounter the above statement, or some variant of it, far too often. It typically comes from angry prospective customers who are in trouble and they have read the marketing materials, but they have failed to do adequate research and planning. If you are offended by this article, then you are probably one of these types of customers. Client

Knowing How To Take Action Versus Knowing What Action To Take

I was pulled down a rabbit hole recently in trying to solve a technical issue. I was working in an unfamiliar environment with limited access to the administrators of the environment. I found some misconfigurations on the network that solved some minor issues. I suspected that there were additional networks issues, so I pulled in some more senior and experienced people to assist me with troubleshooting the problem.

Of Bicycles & IT

I used to be an avid cyclist. Thirty, fifty, or one hundred miles in a day were not uncommon distances for me to ride. I never wanted to be fast on my bicycle. I just wanted to ride and relax. I would load up my gear and go off on weekend trips. A few water bottles, a small tent, some cookware, a change of clothes, my portable bike tool kit, and a couple of spare inner tubes was all that I needed to enjoy myself fo