Turning 40, VMUGs, and Dinosaurs!

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Today I turn 40! Happy Birthday to me!

People younger than me keep asking something along the lines of “Are you freaking out? I mean, now you are 40!”, and people slightly older than me keep saying “It is all down hill now!”

Personally I like the reaction of people significantly older than me. Folks who are in their 80s or 90s to be specific. Their consensus seems to be that upon turning 40 a person should just “Enjoy it!”

Yes, that sounds good. Enjoy it, I shall!


Not only is today my birthday, but it is also the Central Ohio VMUG UserCon! I really enjoy attending VMUGs, and I am currently at the Central Ohio UserCon meeting lots of smart people who all play a part in IT for various organizations. I am attending as a sponsor and gave a presentation earlier today on Coho Data’s web-scale storage solution.

Now I would definitely prefer to be at home with my wife and kids on my birthday when possible, but if you have to take a business trip on your birthday heading to a VMUG is one of your better options. You meet great people, and I have received a ton of compliments from people who saw my presentation. I have to give credit to my employer Coho Data though, because to give a great presentation you need to present on something worth talking about!

Here is a list of the other VMware events that I will be attending for Coho Data this month

I will also be attending the Chicago vForum on June 11th as well, but that is not a VMUG sponsored event. Unfortunately there is one VMUG that I am going to miss…


So while I am in Kansas City for the VMUG UserCon, the Chicago VMUG will be having the most amazing VMUG event ever in the history of VMUG events!

Why? The June 16th Chicago VMUG event will not only have great presentations by its sponsors Ravello Systems and Nutanix, it will not only have amazing information on vSphere 6 shared by the VMware team, it will not only have lunch which is always awesome, but it shall have…


Yes, if you register for the Chicago VMUG June 16th event you will also be attending a private screening of Jurassic World! This may just be the best Jurassic Park movie yet! Okay, I don’t know if it is the best one yet or not, but it has more dinosaurs!!! I am hoping that Philosoraptor makes an appearance this time.

Philosoraptor's wisdom is timeless!

Philosoraptor’s wisdom is timeless!

I was really looking forward to attending this event as I recently joined the Chicago VMUG leadership team. This was going to be my first event as a leader, and I even wrote the amazing prose used to announce this fabulous event to the world. Yet fate just likes messing with me, because I have to be in Kansas City attending another VMUG that day!

Plus June 16th is my wedding anniversary as well! No dinosaurs and I am travelling on another significant day for me and my family! Man, that just ain’t right! The universe owes me!

But hey, when I get back I’m taking the whole family to go see Jurassic World with my birthday money!

You still get birthday money at 40, right? 😉

In Conclusion

Be sure to catch me at any of the local VMUG events that I will be attending. I always enjoy talking to other IT pros! It is one of the best parts of my job.

And if you are going to be in Chicago on June 16th you owe it to yourself to register to attend the Chicago VMUG Jurassic World event! It is going to start a whole new trend for VMUG events, I’m sure. “Virtualizing With Dinoasurs!” Take that BBC!

Have fun on all of your birthdays dear blog readers! I’m certainly having fun on mine!

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