I’ve Joined The Chicago VMUG Leadership Team!

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Two big personal announcements following a very long break from blogging:

The first announcement is that I’ve finished another class in the pursuit of my M.S. in Communication! This last class was very focused on projects in addition to all of the required reading and writing of papers that are to be expected with any graduate degree course. I have now completed three of the ten courses!

The second announcement is that I have joined the Chicago VMUG leadership team! I wanted to become more involved with VMUG events as I have really enjoyed working with the teams for both the Chicago VMUG and Wisconsin VMUG. There was an opening for a new VMUG leader to join the existing team and after expressing my interest in joining the team I was accepted.

I am actively looking for sponsors for future meetings, so feel free to contact me at Patrick@PBenson.net if you wish to be a sponsor. In the long run though I think that I benefit a great deal more than the Chicago VMUG team does. Whenever you surround yourself with smart people you learn from them, and the Chicago VMUG definitely puts you in touch with some smart people.

That is all for now! If you attend any Chicago VMUG events in the near future be sure to find me and say hello. I’m always happy to meet with other IT professionals!

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