Professionals Do Not Discriminate

I am tired of the headlines that I am seeing lately. Whether it be the ridiculous comments made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (which he did issue an apology for), or the incredibly disturbing tales of GamerGate which is at its core a massive organized instance of “slut-shaming” focused on Zoe Quinn. Before writing this article I read a news story about how Anita Sarkeesian must cancel a speaking engagement aft

IT Amateur Or Professional? Depends If You Are Open Or Close Minded…

I attend various IT events both for professional and personal reasons. VMUGs are always fun, and the analyst events can be informative, but the local computer clubs are definitely my favorite events. You get to meet a lot of talented people, and you get to hear a lot of different viewpoints from many levels of IT expertise. Beginners looking to get into the industry, retired CTOs looking to mentor others, and every