My New Role With Coho Data!

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This Monday I announced that I had joined the team at Coho Data as a Principal Sales Engineer. Many of you congratulated me, and I thank you for your kind sentiments. This is certainly an exciting change for me!

I have been asked why I decided to make the change, and I can answer that question with two words:

Software Defined

Yes, Atlantis Computing has a software defined solution for storage as well. I am grateful for the time that I spent at Atlantis Computing. Atlantis Computing has a unique and powerful software solution. I am sure that Atlantis Computing’s technology is going to become a major player in the emerging software defined storage market.

What drew me to Coho Data though was the combination of software defined storage and software defined networking! Coho Data’s unique approach of having modular micro arrays that distribute both performance and capacity across the entire datacenter via an intelligent network struck me as revolutionary. I just had to learn more, and I am glad that I did! When I saw how fast Coho Data could deploy storage and yet still deliver both great capacity and performance I was stunned.

Plus I want to keep my skills sharp with many different pillars of IT. The chance to work across multiple IT domains while at the same time maintaining a focus on a single solution is a rare gift. With my new role at Coho Data I am diving into the following:

  • OpenFlow networking
  • Flash PCIe hardware
  • object based storage
  • virtualization
  • and much, much more!

Finally, I must admit that I am drawn to start-ups. The energy and opportunities at a start-up just cannot be found at more established organizations. I thrive on the challenges that come with working at a start-up. The desire to build something new that will change an industry is in my nature, and Coho Data is set to change the face of storage in IT. How could I pass on a chance to go back to an amazing start-up? The decision to change roles in this situation just made sense for me on multiple levels.

Interested in learning more? Email me at and I will gladly meet with you, or arrange for a meeting with one of my peers, to educate you on how Coho Data’s technology can change how you approach your storage needs!

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