Of Bicycles & IT

I used to be an avid cyclist. Thirty, fifty, or one hundred miles in a day were not uncommon distances for me to ride. I never wanted to be fast on my bicycle. I just wanted to ride and relax. I would load up my gear and go off on weekend trips. A few water bottles, a small tent, some cookware, a change of clothes, my portable bike tool kit, and a couple of spare inner tubes was all that I needed to enjoy myself fo

What Rocky Taught Me About IT

When life gets tough, and I feel overwhelmed I watch the classic film Rocky. It is a unique and magnificent film with a brilliant story, soundtrack, characters, and so much more. I love the underdog story of unranked boxer Rocky Balboa being given a once in a lifetime opportunity to fight the Heavyweight Champion of the World (Apollo Creed) for the title. The rest of the films in the franchise… have their moments