The Difference Between Fault Tolerance, High Availability, & Disaster Recovery

Three terms that I hear being misused often by IT professionals new to the industry are “fault tolerance”, “high availability”, and “disaster recovery”. Here are some pictures that can help you visualize the differences between each of these terms. Fault tolerant solutions have the ability to keep operating even if a component, or multiple components, should fail. In the picture above the aircraft has

Build A Simple Router With Linux

Ever needed to route between two network segments, but you did not have the hardware? You search online for “virtual router” or maybe “build a linux router” and the search results just point you to pre-packaged distributions that are firewalls for routing between the Internet and an internal network? Well that is what I ran into as I expanded upon my home test lab. All I wanted was a simple network router w

Invest In Your Own Lab

My new position with Atlantis Computing has been an intense and fun experience so far. After a week in Mountain View, CA for the worldwide kick-off event I came back home to a full schedule of meetings with both partners and customers. Although I missed two weeks of blog posts, I assure you that I am now full of fresh ideas for new articles as the dust has begun to settle after my changing companies. As with any ne