New Year, New Job, & New Opportunities!

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Big news for me: I have resigned from my position with Sentinel Technologies and have accepted a position with Atlantis Computing!

I am now a Systems Engineer with Atlantis Computing, and I am incredibly excited to have joined the company at this time as I am sure Atlantis Computing will become a major force in the industry. I blogged about Atlantis Computing before, and I was just waiting for the right opportunity to cross my path to sell their solution to one of my customers. The more I thought about how ILIO and other Atlantis Computing products might change the industry the more I realized that Atlantis Computing will change the industry! I am a techie, and I just could not shut my mind down on how using memory for diskless storage will solve so many problems that are common in the field, and that is just one of the products Atlantis Computing has. When I saw what Atlantis Computing’s products could do I had the same reaction that I did when I saw VMware for the first time – “I need to learn this stuff now!”

Lucky for me I have friends across the tech industry, and there were many pre-existing connections between myself and Atlantis Computing. An organic opportunity blossomed as my interest in Atlantis Computing was complemented by their own developing interest as to what I could bring to the table as a pre-sales resource. When one of their team approached me and asked if I would be interested in joining Atlantis Computing I was immediately open to the idea.

Now here is the bittersweet part of this otherwise happy situation: I had to resign from a good job in order to move forward with Atlantis Computing. As this idea of my joining Atlantis Computing developed steadily from possibility to reality I had to come to terms with this. Sentinel Technologies had been a very good company to me. I had an excellent manager, a very promising career path, some wonderful clients and co-workers, and there were many opportunities for me to grow and develop as an IT professional.

In the end I had to make a decision though, and I chose to take a chance by leaving the known and the comfortable for the new and challenging. This does not mean that I was not challenged at Sentinel, but Atlantis Computing is a company that is very young in comparison. Sentinel has been established for thirty-two years as a leader in providing solutions for customers. Of all the wonderful experiences that Sentinel could provide me with it could not provide me with the chance to be there at the beginning of the company’s journey.

That is why I chose to pursue this new role with Atlantis Computing. I know that if I passed on it I would always regret such a decision wondering what might have been. I strongly believe that I am now going to be part of the next big leap in enterprise class storage solutions. Atlantis Computing will be a game changer! I experienced this when I was with Trading Technologies and we saw electronic trading take over the industry and the trading pits fell silent because of our work. I know what it is like to be part of a company that changes how business is done, and Atlantis Computing is that kind of company!

To all of my friends at Sentinel and my former customers know that I will miss working with you. You helped me to discover new skills and to develop talents that I had unknowingly let lay dormant. Your guidance and mentoring has made me a more confident and capable IT professional. I am full of gratitude for all that you provided me with while I was a part of the company, and I hope that we cross paths again for both professional and personal reasons.

To both my current and future friends at Atlantis Computing thanks for bringing me onboard to be a part of the next big thing in IT! I will not disappoint you, and I look forward to the challenges we will face together as we build our own legacy as being the leader in storage virtualization! This is only the beginning for us, and I cannot wait to get started!

Being an IT professional is an exciting journey. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way to this new point in my career!

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