New Year, New Job, & New Opportunities!

Big news for me: I have resigned from my position with Sentinel Technologies and have accepted a position with Atlantis Computing! I am now a Systems Engineer with Atlantis Computing, and I am incredibly excited to have joined the company at this time as I am sure Atlantis Computing will become a major force in the industry. I blogged about Atlantis Computing before, and I was just waiting for the right opportunity

Practice the Fundamentals: Build Your Own PC

This weekend I spent upgrading, updating, and reconfiguring my daughter’s and my son’s PCs. For the holidays my children received various films on Blu-Ray discs as gifts. We have a Blu-Ray player in our living room, family room, and my wife’s and mine bedroom. You would think that would be more than enough for a family of four, but imagine the following scenario: Child A wants to watch Blu-Ray A. Child B wan