Three Non-technical Books Every Techie Should Read

It amazes me how brilliant technicians will devour tomes of administration manuals and reference guides, but might not have read a single book on business or design. Absorbing nothing but technical materials is like working out only one side of your body. You eventually are unbalanced with incredible strength that cannot overcome significant deficiencies. My library is full of O’Reilly must haves, of course. Who

Stop Asking “What Will Work?”

IT professionals are charged with solving complex technical problems. For this purpose our organizations send us to training and industry conferences (well, they should send us to training and conferences but not all do), so that we can expand our knowledge and skill sets. After attending these training sessions and conferences we are often deemed “experts” in that particular area of technology, because upon ou

Change What Works

“We have always done it this way. Why change what works?” I hear this statement and cringe. It breaks down as follows: “We have always done it this way.” – Then you are not taking advantage of your opportunity to innovate. Everything can be improved upon. “Why change what works?” – Because what works now was probably an alteration upon a previous solution that used to work too (although not nearly

Your Central Office Is Crumbling Away

Like the forces of erosion that carved the Grand Canyon out of the landscape, the traditional model of a central office is crumbling away. Unlike the Grand Canyon though, this erosion will not take millions of years to see its results. This transformation is taking place right now. The central office is eroding away at such a rate that you can actually see the transformation taking place right before your eyes. Net

Unexpected Lessons Learned From A Champion

Today I saw a champion share his passion with the world. Not just a champion, but the 2004 Toastmasters International World Champion for Public Speaking – Dr. Randy J. Harvey. Randy shared his methodology and tactics for crafting amazing speeches as the keynote speaker for a Toastmasters Learning Institute event that I attended today, and he shared a wonderful line-by-line analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysbu