The Myth Of The Absolute Expert

This article is for non-IT people. Every organization’s IT shop seems to have that one person whom everyone within the company says knows everything. This person is the “absolute expert” that can answer any question about any technology and solve any problem. When it comes time to expand the IT staff and hire a new person the idea is that the organization will just hire another absolute expert like the one th

Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI & The New VDI Reality

Designing IT infrastructures built upon virtualization technologies takes up a good amount of my time. It is important that I keep up-to-date on the latest technologies, and when friends both from within my company and outside of it started talking about Atlantis Computing’s product Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI I became curious. VDI solution’s storage needs are tough to size right, because unlike a server envir

Know The Limits Before You Hit Them

Imagine that you are hired to inspect, categorize, and stack inventory. You are trained, then tested, and you are capable of processing up to eight items per hour under ideal conditions. You are expected to work eight hours a day, and at the end of each day you are to have processed 48 items. With the goal of processing six items per hour you begin your new occupation. You do your job day after day and the organiza

Text: Essential For Diagrams, Not Presentations

In my role I deal with a lot of diagrams and presentations. There is an unfortunate trend amongst IT professionals, manufacturers, and resellers to fail to communicate properly using both diagrams and presentations. This miscommunication stems from the inclusion or exclusion of text. Sometimes you need to read text to explain what you are looking at, and at other times text gets in the way. It all depends on the pu

You Want People Working With You & Not For You

“Listen, you work for me, okay?” A prospective client said this to me recently, and at that moment I knew that the deal was not worth pursuing. Forget the money and forget the size of the deal, because if you enter into such a relationship with a customer things will eventually end poorly for everyone involved including the customer. Good sales people and consultants do not work for their customers. Good sales