Is Your Organization’s End-User Connection Link Up?

Ask any IT professional how they would verify that a network connection is up and active, and it is certain that you will receive an answer almost instantly in response. From manually typing in the command to ping an IP address to receiving an alert from a monitoring system this is a very simple task to accomplish for most IT professionals. It has been drilled into our heads time and time again that the network can

Start With Baby Steps

It is tempting in sales to think that we can come in and immediately sell a completely new infrastructure all at once to our customer that will instantly improve their lives and business. The problem with this thinking is that it treats the customer’s IT infrastructure like an asset that can simply be dumped and replaced with a more lucrative offering. Some customers also believe in this myth of “If I just had

Vision Without Momentum Is Just A Scenic View

A ship at sea has a starving crew. From the crow’s nest the lookout cries “Land, ho!” and points to the horizon where there is an island saturated with lush greens and coconut laden palm trees. The captain orders that the ship turnabout, and as soon as the bow is oriented with the island straight ahead of it the captain barks: “Full stop! Drop anchor!” From that point on the ship never moves and the crew

What To Do Before You Get a Job In IT

Occasionally I am asked by someone what should they, or possibly their child, do to get a job in the IT industry. The question is often asked with the hope that I will suggest a course, book, certificate, or some other finite “do-this-and-get-that” task that upon completion will qualify that person to do IT work. There are many great courses, books, certificates, and other such things that will help a person st

Budgets Are Not Solutions

“We do not have the budget for that.” I hear this a lot in my role as a pre-sales solutions architect. I have no problem with this statement being made. I might be pre-sales, but the price of the solution is not my focus. My role is to evaluate the needs of the business and to explore what technologies will properly address those needs. I then present a design using those technologies to the customer. I also as