IT Touches Everything

This week was not a pleasant one. My father was in the hospital until Friday (he is now home recovering from surgery), many different projects escalated to priority status simultaneously, and the kicker to this week was that as of Friday evening my home has been without power due to a severe storm knocking out power lines. Sometimes the road gets a little bumpy, but for this week it seems that the road was paved wi

A Needed Change Is Rarely Painless

The older I get the more that I want to improve myself. Right now I am in the process of training for my first 5K run as I want to lose a few pounds. I am not a strong runner, so my training results in various aches and pains despite following a workout plan designed to keep me from overworking my muscles. This does not mean that my training program is a bad one, or that I cannot accomplish my goal of running the r

The Two Sides of the Problem Coin

IT professionals are in the business of solving problems. If a network is too slow we make it faster. If an application is unreliable we increase its stability. These are the types of technical challenges that our industry has become very proficient at dealing with. Problems are not merely technical in nature though. If everyone agrees that the network is fine as it is then everyone will see no reason to make the n

The Myth of “The Cloud Will Fix It!”

Imagine that you are a farmer in the 1800s and that you have a horse. You need your horse to plow fields so that you can plant seeds. One day your horse falls ill and cannot pull your plow. You cannot plant seeds, and therefore will have no crops to harvest for the season. You have access to a local veterinarian who can examine your horse and treat the horse’s illness. Would you instead move the horse to a differ