Visible Work = Tip of the Iceberg

Users and customers that are not familiar with IT practices might mistake the speed with which an IT professional completes a task as evidence for the task being easy and simple. This is similar to the tips of icebergs in that the visible IT work is merely a small part of the project. Just as you do not see the massive bulk of an iceberg beneath the water’s surface users and customers do not see the planning, pre

The End (of Support) is (Always) Near!

I recently had a great meeting with a client to discuss their potential upgrade paths to migrate from their current solution to the next generation of a product. The client planned to then deploy the old solution into their disaster recovery site. While discussing the benefits of upgrading the solution I explained to the customer that one of the primary benefits would be a fresh start on the support lifecycle. The

TechNet Software Subscriptions No More!

By now the announcement by Microsoft that the TechNet software subscription service is being retired is hardly news. Supposedly Microsoft is doing this because IT professionals would rather use limited 90 day trial versions of software and operating systems, or that IT professionals will benefit more from online training. Microsoft has a lot of resources with which to conduct the polling and surveying of customers,

IT at Home–Unexpected Problems & Solution

Following a successful conclusion to an important project at work I decided to treat myself and my family to a new home entertainment system. I purchased a new 3D television with Google TV, a new home theater surround sound system with an integrated 3D Blu-ray player, a new home theater PC, and a new stand with which to store all of these gizmos and to mount the television onto. On top of all of that I added two ne

Your Preferences May Be Your Limitations

Warning: Today’s article lives mainly in the realm of the hypothetical, and is based upon my personal observations. Technology changes at such a fast rate that IT professionals often find it difficult to keep their skills up-to-date. When a manufacturer releases a new generation of technology they often try to keep the older methods of interfacing with the previous generation of technology in place. Commands, GUI