The Cloud Defined, Part 1 of 8: On-Demand Self Service

For this and the next seven weeks I am going to change the focus of this blog from non-technical advice for IT professionals to an interpretation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s special publication 800-145. This is an often overlooked and incredibly important document for all IT professionals to read, study, and be familiar with as it is going to help everyone in our industry get on the sa

Dollars Are Valuable, Time Is Irreplaceable

Today is tax day in the United States, and millions of citizens in this nation are either expecting a return or will be paying their share. Note that I did not say “fair share”, because our tax system is so complicated that probably everyone is getting ripped off in some manner and we still will not have the right amount of funding for the programs that actually benefit us the most. But enough about government

You Can’t Win Them All

This week’s article is not about IT, but about being a professional in general. This Thursday I failed to meet my deadline to post an article to this blog. Instead I was at the office late working in order to complete several projects before another deadline: the end of a manufacturer’s fiscal year. I hate missing deadlines. Absolutely hate it. The problem is that as you move up in responsibility and burden you

Process Is Profit

If you want to profit as an IT professional you need to have a repeatable process for whatever service or product it is that you provide. You cannot rely on your creativity, talent, or technical knowledge to earn you money. Instead it is your collection of processes that is the cornerstone upon which you build a profitable IT career. Your talent will help you gain technical knowledge. Your technical knowledge will