Your Technical Expertise Can Wait

I observe this mistake being made by highly intelligent people who are eager to share “the answer” to a technical problem. While a customer, supervisor, or peer is speaking some technical people will interrupt the person speaking. Eagerness to solve an issue can sometimes cause a person to forget their manners, but an IT professional must be ever vigilant against interrupting another person because: It

Join Me For Food, Baseball, & “The Cloud”

Sentinel (the company that I work for) and Cisco are teaming up for a presentation focused on cloud computing, and I will be one of the presenters. The really nice thing about this event is that the presentation will take place in the morning for about an hour, followed by a lunch, and then the rest of the afternoon the attendees will enjoy watching both the Chicago Cubs and the White Sox play in their opening day

Be Batman Not Superman

This will probably be as much of a shock to you as it would be to learn that water is wet, but I am a bit of a comic book geek. One of the age old debates in comic books is who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman? Superman has all sorts of powers. He is practically invulnerable, strong enough to lift a skyscraper, can fly faster than supersonic jets, and can even shoot beams of heat from his eyes. That is not

Not Knowing Is Not So Bad

Today a Vice President of my company asked me how to remove an incompatible VIB from an ESXi server because it was preventing an upgrade from launching. My answer was “I do not know.” Some people might be tempted to try and bluff their way through the situation. After all, no one wants an officer of the company to think that he or she may be incompetent. This is the kind of pathetic “ego protectio

Cheap Heart Surgery

How long could you survive if your heart stopped? A minute? Two minutes? Probably not much longer than seven minutes at the most. Can your business survive a day without your IT infrastructure? Can it survive for a week without email? Can it go for a month without Internet access? Maybe your business can survive for that day, but not if it is a regular occurrence. Perhaps you can go for a week without email, but yo

Forget Price When Designing Solutions

Imagine that the top executive of your organization came to you with a top priority project and a small budget. Okay, some of you do not have to imagine that… You are given an objective. There is a measurable and defined result that must be achieved. You know what the goal is and now you must solve the problem. At this point you can take one of two paths. The first path is to look at the budget and to start shopp