Yes, IT Is Expensive… Or Is It?

“Is it expensive?” This is often the second question that clients ask me. The first question is “How would you solve my IT problem?” This question is a trick question. Not for me, but for the client. Many IT solutions can easily be classified as “expensive”. If you need a complete solution of compute, network, storage, and software components it will be expensive in terms of the dollar amount in compari

Notes ≠ Knowledge

During my brief time so far as a consultant and pre-sales solution architect I have met several clients who will ask me very specific questions regarding how to configure a device. When I know the command I will share that information with the client. The client will then write down what I said verbatim in their notes. The client then mentions how they will use that information later in their production environment

Blu-Ray: A Great Example of Technology Ruined by Bad Business

Fair warning. This one is a rant! 🙂 I recently installed a blu-ray drive into one of my Linux systems. I then learned more about blu-ray media than I ever cared to know. The “protection” features placed in blu-ray makes it difficult to play a blu-ray disc on a Linux distribution that one installs on their own. Now I know that Linux has its issues when it comes to ease of use. I base that statement up

RFPs–Are You Requesting A Proposal Or A Price?

My role requires that I respond to RFPs (“Request for Proposal” for those who are not familiar with the acronym) and I would be lying if I said that I enjoy doing so. I do enjoy working with the people who create these RFPs, and I even enjoy the investigative and design work that follows the reading of an RFP. The RFPs themselves though are horrible to read through. It is not because of the many pages of legal