(Not So) Interesting Times

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Today’s article is just a quick observation about the consumer market for IT products and personal computing devices.

Windows 8 sales are flat, given how MetroUI is a pathetic GUI for a desktop (and just so-so for a tablet). Speaking of Microsoft and tablets, the Surface is a day late and a dollar short. Apple’s products are not too exciting this year either. A smaller tablet? Um, that does not scream “innovative” to me. The iPhone 5? Might be a better iPhone, but it is not anything special compared to some of its competition. Android? Nothing new to report on that front it seems. Finally Google’s Chromebook keeps disappointing me. I loved using it when it first came out, but the apps just did not appear for it and then they tried to give it a desktop.

All I can say is that this holiday season there is no new gadget that I want. Hopefully something interesting and different will be hitting the consumer market by this upcoming summer. For now I will just have to be satisfied with tinkering in my home lab.

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