Happy Holidays!

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Today’s article is just a simple holiday greeting to all of you who have followed me on this blog for the last seven months. I hope that all of you enjoy this festive time of the year, and that you will find yourself moving ever forward towards bigger and better projects!

This year I was laid off from my job of thirteen years. That was a major let down for me. I was not worried about finding another job, because I know that opportunities are out there for everyone. For me the let down was the company itself never reaching the many goals that had been set for it (and also the many promises that were not kept). It was then that I started this blog as part of my job search. I wanted to show the world my passion for being an IT professional, and I believe that decision made all the difference.

Now I have a new role, better pay, and so much more control over my own destiny. These are the gifts that come from determination and hard work, and the best part is that we give these gifts to ourselves. I am surrounded by many other fine professionals who all put forth serious effort to grow and expand our business. We compete against some very large and influential businesses, and we consistently deliver great results and victories over those same competitors. As a result I am now happier than I was seven months ago. I humbly thank all of you who helped me to achieve this.

May you all find and keep the joy that I have for my work and life! Happy holidays to you all!

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