NetApp Insight Was Great

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I do not have time to do a long post today as I have to get on a plane soon that will be landing after midnight. Instead I list want to share a quick note with everyone regarding NetApp Insight in Las Vegas. This was a highly technical event for NetApp employees and payments only, and I learned a great deal about new technologies and techniques from NetApp and their sponsors.

I focused on tools for sizing and analyzing storage systems. Others learned about Clustered ONTAP, or they studied the new FlexPod and ExpressPod architectures. Needless to say there was a lot of great information everywhere that you turned.

Yet for me the best part was when the top brass for NetApp made it clear that their goal was to solve problems for their customers. I can’t get into the details right now, but my next article will explore that subject more in-depth.

Now I have to catch a flight…

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