Read the Manual

I am currently studying for a professional certification. It does not matter which one, because what I want to emphasize in this article is that if you want to pass any certification exam the first step of the process is to read the manuals. I have seen folks rely on their skills, classes, and experiences to pass certification exams. Some of them passed those exams, and some of them failed. Yet my personal experien

IOPS–The Deceiving Metric of Storage Design

IOPS (input output per second) is a measure of disk performance that many organizations use to rate their storage arrays. The idea being that if a disk drive can read and write quickly to and from the platters then the total number of IOPS will be higher. The higher the number of IOPS the better the drive, in theory at least. Except when it comes to storage this conventional wisdom is not sound. The maximum potenti

I’ll Be Speaking at a TechTarget Event in Chicago on October 18th!

Just a quick announcement for today’s blog article. I will be speaking at a TechTarget event sponsored by NetApp on October 18th in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency. My presentation is titled “FlexPod – A Foundation for the Cloud” and will focus on how using a reference architecture like NetApp’s and Cisco’s FlexPod enables IT to build cloud infrastructures for their organizations. Click here for more detai

Invest In Non-Technical Training

On October 18th I will be giving a presentation at a TechTarget event (details coming next week) on the FlexPod reference architecture and how it can enable companies to build their own private or hybrid cloud infrastructures. I have received formal training on FlexPod architectures from the manufacturer. I have experience designing and operating the components of a FlexPod architecture (in this case VMware vSphere