The Stagnant Calm Before the Storm of Invention

There are two areas of storage that I believe are stagnant: Backups Performance Now I am sure that there are many people who would argue that neither of these areas are stagnant. There are many different backup solutions available right now, and more and more products are emerging on the scene to provide ever increasing IOPs to ensure better and faster storage performance. I cannot deny either of these truths. In

ASAP Is Not A Deadline, ASAP Is An Excuse

Fair warning. This one is a rant. “This needs to be done ASAP!” Have you ever heard that line? It seems to be all too common a phrase in IT and business in general nowadays. Far too often I have someone tell me how they need some item “As soon as possible.” Of course, they need it so quickly they cannot even say the full phrase. They need it “ASAP!” ASAP is a stupid and pathetic phrase that people use t

Problems Are Never Removed, They Are Just Delayed

Today I was reading up on various technologies that allow a server attached to shared storage to handle high amounts of I/O locally. These technologies will “eliminate” the performance bottlenecks that systems encounter when shared resources are overwhelmed by today’s modern computing solutions. About 6 years ago I remember reading how centralized storage solutions allowed a server to handle higher amounts of

Making & Missing Deadlines

This week I missed my self-imposed deadline for this blog’s posting schedule. An article is supposed to be posted to this blog by Thursday of every week. I have no other commitments with this blog other than the “once a week post by Thursday” rule. This week I missed my deadline. I failed to post by Thursday. That is not okay. You can never justify missing a deadline, especially in the world of IT where busin