Why No Technical Articles?

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A friend asked why my articles have been focused on my philosophy of how to approach the IT profession instead of being focused on the technology that we implement as IT professionals. My answer is simply that there is too much information about the technology, but not nearly enough information on how to practice the profession itself. I would rather fill in the gaps than to contribute to the surplus.

I have been very tempted to write about a technology or two recently, and some of my earlier articles did focus on some basic technologies since I started this blog. I quickly realized though that if I wrote about technology I was competing with the entire IT industry to produce only more of the same.

Want technical specs? Go to the manufacturer’s web site. Want reviews of technology? There are plenty of blogs, trade publications, and forums where you can gather all of the conflicting opinions from. Need to understand the basics of a technology? Read the original RFC, various whitepapers, and the many different books available for every major technology.

But this is the only blog that you can come to where you will find my unique view on the practice of being an IT professional. And that in and of itself is a big part of being an IT professional; You have to develop an opinion, a philosophy, and an approach that you are willing to share with others.

This profession of ours is built upon science, and at times there is an art to balancing the resources of IT with the needs of a business. But in the end the IT profession is a craft that combines your real world experience with the theories of business and the parameters of the technology. It is the blending of those elements that defines the type of IT professional that you are.

And that is why this blog focuses on my philosophy of how an IT professional should approach his or her work. Now you know why I am writing that articles that I do.

The bigger question though is what could you be sharing with others as well?

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