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I have been extremely busy with my new job in a very good way. I have been training to earn various certifications and accreditations. I have also been meeting with clients face-to-face accompanying other Solutions Architects on their calls. Plus I am learning the ins and outs of Sentinel Technologies, Inc.’s processes.

I am now a NetApp Accredited Sales Associate (NASA – I love that acronym!) and a NetApp Accredited Sales Professional (NASP – this acronym does nothing for me), but those are just two of 8 accreditations that I am pursuing for just NetApp technologies alone. Cisco’s UCS platform and VMware’s products are two other technologies that I will be pursuing training for. My goal is to become fully knowledgeable on the new wave of completely bundled datacenter technology approaches such as NetApp’s FlexPod reference architectures.

One of the big difference between being on the customer side of IT and being on the reseller side of IT is that training is not just encouraged but it is made readily available. The manufacturers provide it as one of the benefits for partnering with them (and Sentinel Technologies, Inc. is partnered with some great manufacturers). Plus the better resellers will pay for you to be trained on top of those free courses that the manufacturers provide (and Sentinel Technologies, Inc. is a first class reseller so they are paying for the training that I decide to pursue).

This is all great of course, but I have not been writing articles for this site because I have been voluntarily spending every moment that I can on training myself with the many resources that I now have available to me. I have access to materials that I used to have pay a high premium for. I am in geek heaven!

But as a result of my narrow focus on my training I have neglected this site. From now on I am making it part of my weekly routine to post an article every Thursday on this site with tips, tricks, information, and maybe the occasional insight if I should have one (don’t hold your breath on that last one). The announcement for this weekly schedule might be on a Sunday, but the first post will be this week. I hope that writing on a weekly basis will help me to refine my communication skills further while at the same time providing my readers with articles of value. I’ll try it for one year and see how it works out, so you are guaranteed 52 articles from me this year!

See you again this Thursday!

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