My Job Hunt Is Officially Over!

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Today I received several offers. After nearly two months of looking for a new role the offers all seemed to come at the same time. I made my choice though, and I am proud to say that I will begin working at my new job on June, 29th!

The details are that I accepted an offer from Sentinel Technologies to become their new Solutions Architect for NetApp products. My focus will be on designing enterprise storage solutions for clients based upon the NetApp product line. I am a big fan of NetApp products, and I enjoy problem solving. Plus the role requires that I meet with customers and work with them directly to decide upon which products are the best fit for their particular situation. The role is a merger of all of the things that I love about IT: technology, finding solutions, and helping people.

I will also be working very closely with the Sales team, and for me that is a big plus. Good sales people are genuinely good people first and foremost. They put their customers first, and profit because of that approach. I will not be selling the products myself, but I will be adding value upfront to the sale. I will be developing myself as a brand, and I intend to make my brand one that is synonymous with quality.

After accepting the offer from Sentinel Technologies I spent the rest of the day thanking people. I contacted recruiters, hiring managers, friends, references, and anyone who contributed to my job hunt and thanked them. Unfortunately I am certain that I missed people due to the plethora of people that helped me with my job search, but as I work through my emails and phone logs I will thank them as well. It does not matter if they helped me in acquiring the Sentinel Technologies role or not. If they helped me in anyway I thanked them. I sincerely hope that opportunities present themselves for me to do more than just thank them in the future. If I can repay these fine people with actions on top of kind words I will do so.

One final note regarding today: I also plan to “pay it forward” and help others that were impacted by the layoffs at my former company find jobs if they are still searching. Helping people is the greatest thing that you can do in life. You do not need to work at a charity to do it either. You just help however you can and ask for nothing in return.

In closing, I thank you as well for reading this blog. Many people have encouraged me by telling me that they enjoy what I have written here. Now that my job hunt is over I am still going to write articles to share with you here, and I will continue to focus on the business of IT beyond just the technical aspects of this profession. My wish is that my doing so will help someone else in this profession, and that person in turn will help another person, and so on, and so on.

Today was a good day. I look forward to many fine tomorrows!

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