Are You Blogging? If Not, You Are Failing Yourself!

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If you have Internet access you can have a blog. If you are an IT professional you better have a blog, because you have no excuse for not having Internet access! Furthermore, if you are not actively participating in helping to increase the amount of useful knowledge available on the Internet you are not an IT professional. You are merely a button pusher.

I do not write those words to be cruel. I write them to shed light on what not having a blog will eventually do to your career in IT. When the kid down the street from you is blogging everyday about the latest Xbox game, and some little old lady is sharing her notes from her last book club meeting with the rest of the world, what does it say about you as an IT professional if you do not have a blog of your own?

Do not think that tweeting, using Facebook, posting to Google+, or using any social media service is a substitute for having your own blog (or any type of personal web site for that matter). Using those services, no matter how effectively you do so, is still just button pushing. If Facebook decides to kill a feature that you rely upon you will be out of luck. The same thing is true if Facebook decides to force a feature upon you! Timeline, anyone?

Only by having your own site that is free of any third party service or that can be moved to a different service if needed are you showing the world that you are indeed a contributor to the global tech community. That is why having your site hosted by a hosting service is okay – if they screw up you can leave their service for their competition!

But if your site is just another of the many hosted on Google Sites (a very fine service considering that it is free) you are telling the world that you let someone us make your technical decisions for you. You just push the buttons put in front of you.

That is like Warren Buffett relying upon the Wall Street Journal staff to make his investments for him! Warren Buffett is the expert, and what he does makes the news that the Wall Street Journal prints. Likewise, you are the IT professional and you should be sharing with the global community via your own blog with your own domain name if only to show the rest of the world that you know how to setup and run a web site!

Do not worry about what content you will produce. Do not be concerned with how your site will look on day one either. You will deal with those issues as needed. Just start your own personal blog today if you do not have one! Your blog does not even need to be about IT! Focus on your hobby, your family, or your collection of vintage chewing gum wrappers if that is what you want to share with others!

Just start a blog with your own domain name and stick with it. Do that and the rest will take care of itself because that is what good IT professionals do: We fix problems and improve the quality of a service. Trust me, by starting your own blog you will encounter lots of interesting little technical problems. Every little bit of real world experience that you can get is what collectively keeps your skills sharp.

That is why having your own site and blog is such a testament to your skills as an IT professional! You can actually point clients and prospective employers to your blog and show them what you did, describe how you fixed the problems that you encountered, and then tell them what you plan on doing next. It may not land you a multi-million dollar deal, but it makes for great small talk while at the same time establishing yourself as an IT pro!

So go out there and start your own blog with your own domain, and show everyone else just a small sampling of your IT abilities. If nothing else, it will give you an advantage over all of the button pushers (AKA – your competition) who do not have a blog of their own. Get a blog, and then you will have even more proof that you are walking the walk instead of just talking the talk of IT!

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