Booting My ESXi Host From An SD Card

I use my home lab to both learn about new technologies and to challenge my own biases on how things “should” be done. I have always used SATA drives to boot my ESXi hosts with and never gave it much thought that perhaps there was a better way. Then I read this post by Bob Plankers over at the The Lone Sysadmin and thought “Now that just makes sense, and especially for a home lab!” My logic here is pretty si

Turning 40, VMUGs, and Dinosaurs!

Today I turn 40! Happy Birthday to me! People younger than me keep asking something along the lines of “Are you freaking out? I mean, now you are 40!”, and people slightly older than me keep saying “It is all down hill now!” Personally I like the reaction of people significantly older than me. Folks who are in their 80s or 90s to be specific. Their consensus seems to be that upon turning 40

I’ve Joined The Chicago VMUG Leadership Team!

Two big personal announcements following a very long break from blogging: The first announcement is that I’ve finished another class in the pursuit of my M.S. in Communication! This last class was very focused on projects in addition to all of the required reading and writing of papers that are to be expected with any graduate degree course. I have now completed three of the ten courses! The second announcement i

Interview with Mark May of VirtualStorageZone

This is a first for my blog as today I share an interview that I did with Mark May of VirtualStorageZone. One of the perks of my job is getting to meet lots of techies and IT pros. I love talking shop with people out in the field who are getting their hands dirty with the latest technologies, and Mark is an IT pro who is helping to change his organization through the intelligent deployment of technology at an enter

Selling IT? It Is Better To Give Than To Receive

I had a great time last week at the Wisconsin VMUG vBeers event. Not only is the Wisconsin VMUG a great group of people to begin with, but I work for Coho Data who was the sponsor of the event. When you work in IT sales and your company is the sponsor for an event you are going to be giving a presentation, and the Wisconsin vBeers event was no different. I loaded up my presentation and had all of my sales materials

User Groups Are Incredibly Useful!

Just a short post today about how important it is to attend various user group events. Yesterday I was at the Wisconsin VMware User Group (VMUG for short) meeting as an attendee. It was a great event that covered a lot of information on the upcoming vSphere version 6.0 release, various sponsors spoke about their products, and at the end of the event users were invited to request help from other users. I learned abo

Want To Learn Linux? Check Out These Resources!

I am a busy person. I work for a startup in the storage industry as a pre-sales engineer, and while Coho Data is an amazing and fun company to work for they do not have a solution for there only being 24 hours in a single day! I am requesting manipulation of the space time continuum as a new feature though. I am sure that the product managers will get right on that for me! I am also working on my M.S. in Communicat

Linux Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Today is Christmas Eve, and I am anxiously awaiting Christmas Day morning. For on Christmas Day my children will finally be able to open their gifts. Once that is done my wife and I will know peace again as our children will release all of their pent up Christmas energy and stop bouncing around the house like little yuletide lunatics. I just need to keep it together for one more day! I am grateful for my healthy fa

Time to Rebuild the Home Lab!

I have been awful with blog updates lately. The irony is that I started falling behind once my classes for the M.S. in Communication that I am pursuing started. I am enjoying my return to school, but I did underestimate how much time I have to pursue two blogs, work, family, and my education! Which leads me to today’s topic of choice: Rebuilding the home lab! Yes, because I am a glutton for self-inflicted pun

Professionals Do Not Discriminate

I am tired of the headlines that I am seeing lately. Whether it be the ridiculous comments made by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (which he did issue an apology for), or the incredibly disturbing tales of GamerGate which is at its core a massive organized instance of “slut-shaming” focused on Zoe Quinn. Before writing this article I read a news story about how Anita Sarkeesian must cancel a speaking engagement aft